Inspection Reports

Same day reports on most inspections.

Home Inspection Description

We provide the client with information regarding the condition of the systems and components of the home at the time of the home inspection.

Each report is computer generated and is very easy to read and understand. Report will include photos of found defects and potential problem areas. The report also contains a cost estimate which will give the client an approximate dollar figure as to what the repairs will cost.

Each report covers in detail all of the following components of the house.

  • Grounds: Covers lot components including but not limited to Grading and water control problems.
  • Exterior Surface and Components: Covers exterior wall coverings, windows and doors.
  • Roof: A visual inspection is done to determine the present condition and life expectancy of the roofs surface.
  • Garage: Covers all components in the garage including the overhead door and its opener.
  • Interior: Notes any defects in interior walls, ceilings and floor coverings.
  • ​Appliances: All appliances are tested in normal operating modes.
  • Electrical: All electrical components are tested to make sure they are functioning properly.
  • Structure: Covers any visual defects from the houses foundation to the roof structure.
  • Air Conditioning: Units are tested to determine operational efficiency.
  • Heating: Units are tested to determine operational efficiency.
  • Plumbing: Covers all visible plumbing components including supply lines, drain line and valves.
  • Attic: Visual inspection of attic framework, insulation and electrical wiring.

          Home Inspection Sample Report: Sample Home Inspection Report

Well Inspection Description

We visually inspect the components of the well head and the pressure tank and test for proper operation. Water sample is taken and sent to DEQ for bacterialogical testing.

               Well Sample Inspection: Well Sample Report 

Septic System Inspection Description

​The location of the septic tank and lateral field is determined then a walkover is done of the lateral field area to determine if water is or has been surfacing.

​            ​Sample Septic Inspection:  Sample Septic Report