Same day reports on most inspections.


My name is Deveral Bridges and I am the owner/operator of Advanced Home Inspections. I started my inspection business approximately thirteen years ago after a long career in the building business. I began in construction while in high school, working summers doing rough-in work and then on to trim and cabinets. Since that time, I have spent the last forty years in the home building business. My experience as a custom home builder has educated me in virtually every aspect of constructing a home, from the foundation to the roof and everything in between.

Since this is a small inspection company and I am the owner/operator, when you schedule and inspection with Advanced Home Inspections, I will be the one showing up to do the work. Sometimes when you hire one of the large companies, you never know if the person who shows up actually has any experience in home construction. When it comes to knowing what to look for while doing an inspection, nothing prepares a person as much as years of everyday experience constructing homes and dealing with problems which arise during and after the construction process.

The purchase of a home is usually one of the largest purchases that most people will have during their lifetime. The small cost of a home inspection can sometimes mean the difference in making an educated decision in purchasing the home or taking the chance that everything about the house will function properly. It is hard for me as an inspector to come in a house and in the period of a couple hours determine everything about its past and present problems. I will however do everything i can to furnish you with a quality report which accurately represents the condition of the home and all of its components. With that in hand, you will be able to make an educated decision whether to purchase the property or not.